who am i//why am i here?

who am i?

why am i here?

those are big questions. well, the first slightly larger than the latter. who am i? i could go into a lot of detail on that one.

meeeeei’m 25 years old, a new zealander living in windy wellington city, known as jamie to most, jimmy lou to some, and little bird to one; a book, history, pop culture and movie fanatic, and a so-much-more fanatic. i’m a lover of cats, travel, photography, writing, bookshops, coffee, people-watching and diaries & journals. i’m a hater of the loud noises buses make when they stop, heights and the big bang theory. i could go on forever, you know. i have 5 sisters. i have two adopted cats. they aren’t mine, so the adoption is unofficial. i am an avid harry potter fan. but with people, you get to know them through exposure. i could tell you everything about me in a million tiny words, but that would be telling, not showing.

andย that brings to me to why i’m here.
i am drawn to sharing my world. at work, our team was put through a ‘strength finder’ session. we all had to a 100 question quiz to determine what our strengths were, and we had to combine them together to see how we would work as a team. one of my strengths was “input”. the meaning of input was that i was interested (more like obsessed) with collecting information and mementos, such as quotes, tickets, photos, memorabilia, anything that i can store away for future use, anything that inspires me and that i believe will continue to inspire me.

that’s how i see blogging. i want to inspire, i want to collect, i want it to be a place where i store away everything i love, and everything that makes my heart beat, makes me smile, makes me cry, moves me, scares me, affects me in anyway. that way, you can get to know me through that.

and i want to get to know people through theirs. i want to be inspired and inspire back.

and that is why i am here.



7 thoughts on “who am i//why am i here?

  1. Jamie, hi! I stumbled upon your blog through the Blogging 101 tag and I love how you describe yourself. (I feel weird writing this, actually, like I should send you a private message instead of commenting! Ssshhhh.) Anyway, “input” as a strength sounds fascinating, and I’d love to see what you do with this blog. Can’t wait to read more from you!


  2. You’re right, these are big questions but – as so often – the best answers are the most direct and honest. So I love your words ‘I want to be inspired and inspire back’. Great post!

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    1. Hi Beth! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you! My favourite character, that is such a hard question. Probably Sirius & Lupin. My favourite book was Half Blood Prince, & the same movie! The movie was so well done, & the book was so interesting, with the introduction of the Horcruxes, more in depth knowledge of Snape… who is your favourite character??

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      1. Favorite character is Hemione. I can so relate to her! LOL Deathly Hallows (book & movie)….especially last scene of Deathly Hallows Part 2 — makes me cry every time I watch it! LOL

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