le dream reader.

dear dream reader,

i hope you see some element of yourself in my words, that makes you think “yes, i completely agree! finally someone who gets me!”

i hope you love cats as much as i do, and revel in the fact that cats are like humans, but better.


i hope you enjoy those little inspirational quotes that come out of nowhere, and change your life.


i hope you know how great you are, no matter how small you feel. i hope you know this, all those times when you feel like crying; when you feel like the world is caving in on you. we all feel small. but we all have the strength to feel big again. 


i hope you see the world through a different lens, and show me what it looks like through yours.


i hope you know that this is your year.

this is your year to let your freak flag fly.

because i’m letting mine fly.



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