this year, i’ve decided to understand that people have differing opinions, and they will agree to disagree. this world is full of completely different people; different backgrounds, family, upbringing, their own individual opinions and ideas.

and i completely respect that.

sometimes, i take it to heart. yesterday, my beautiful new flatmate (her and her kitty Abby have only been in the house for a week!) told me what she wanted to name her child if she had a girl. i told her “i would love to call my child annie.” and she said “oh, i see. that’s really cute. it would be good for a middle name. i like first names to have more substance.” for a moment, i was shocked, i was quiet and took offence.

but then i realised, that’s her opinion. i have my own opinions. sometimes don’t agree with people (sometimes i voice it, sometimes i don’t…) and that’s because i am who i am.

i really enjoy hearing what other people have to say.

james and i are starting to email each other at work song lyrics, articles, or any kind of media/writing and asking what our thoughts are on it. sometimes we differ, sometimes we are on the same wavelength.

it’s refreshing, and i appreciate other people’s opinions and open discussions 🙂



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