you want me to run…how far?!

so, last year i decided to take up running.

by take up, i mean, run twice a week. this was a big deal for me. it helps having workmates who are quite sporty, and motivated – every friday lunchtime, we were off, jogging along oriental parade in the sunshine, sweating it out. when they first asked me, i thought, nooo. me, run? at lunchtime?!

but there i was, every friday lunchtime, getting into my jogging gear.

i struggled at first. i would run at snails pace. i would stop and let the others go ahead.

but then james took me running every tuesday night to get my fitness level up. and you know what? it did. i managed to run further each time. it was hard, yeah. i would get a sudden mid-run depression, where i would frown, and say “i can’t do it”.

james pushed me. he made me believe i could do it.

another motivation for me to start running was the colour run in march. it was one of the funnest, most rewarding activities i have ever done. it was 5k of colourful fun, but it also opened my eyes to my fitness. my friend could run the whole 5k.

me, i stopped continuously.

the colour run is coming up again this march, and i am determined to run the whole 5k.

yesterday, me and a group of friends played paintball. so. much. fun. but so. damn. painful.

bruises. welts. aching thighs! today, i hobbled around the office like an old woman. got up from my chair and sat down like a pregnant woman. it opened my eyes to parts of my body that are seriously unfit, but i’m going to the gym tomorrow, thursday, and trying to stay as active as i can.

here goesssss!

colour run

colour run-tastic!

indoor soccer

indoor soccer with the work crew. i fell in love with it.


before the paintball battle…


post battle, can you find the bruises? #whereswally


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