“You’re anything but invisible. You’re big. You’re kind of a great mess, like a candle burning on both ends.”

birdman 5 birdman 6 birdman 8

I saw Birdman on Monday night.

It blew me away. The cinematography, the Raymond Carver (eee, I studied him at university & I love his stories), the exceptional acting, Michael Keaton’s Birdman voice, Emma Stone’s massive eyes.

It really is a masterpiece.

The world needs more stories like this. Ones that make you think. That make you feel. At times I felt depressed, other times I was laughing, the next I felt like crying. But for me, it was the acting. The acting was on another level. I actually, in a way, felt like I was watching from an audience, like the film was the stage show and I was watching it unfold right in front of me.

Birdman, you win.


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