life rn.

life’s been busy.

I have a wedding to go to on Saturday, and I don’t even have a dress yet. Right? Right. So little time! I have half an hour for lunch everyday, but I spend that snoozing in the sun. I really need to get cracking. I’m thinking something long, shows off my shoulders, flat strappy sandals so I can walk along the grass of the Pohutukawa reserve without my heels sinking. Perhaps this dress from Dotti?


I haven’t seen this friend for maybe a year. We were best friends at high school. To her and I, everything is funny. We can spend hours laughing until we cry about the stupidest things. It was with her I actually got in trouble at high school, for laughing and talking too much.

She’s curly haired, loud, honest and a little bit crazy. but she’s marrying a guy she has had a crush on since she was like, 12.

They took a while to find each other. But when they did, they realised they both had crushes on each other. What did we learn here folks? Always tell people you love them.

I’ll go to the wedding on Saturday, and then I’m embarking on a small, sneaky getaway in the sun. I’m on leave for a week. Motel is booked, books and sunblock to be packed. I can’t wait. 


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