things i’ve learned #1.


this week, i’ve learned:

that How To Get Away With Murder is an exceptional TV show. do it. get into it. plus, Dean Thomas from Harry Potter is in it, so that’s a plus…

that watching one of your good friends get married makes you feel the most amazing feelings of giddiness.

that stepping out of your comfort zone can make you do things you never thought you could do.

that it is truly difficult to know what you really want (and they are right – the struggle is real between the head and the heart. i’m still fighting it).

that homemade muffins with butter makes the perfect afternoon snack (it’s nearly dinner time and i’m still full…bad idea? of course not).

that walks by yourself in the sunshine, in your favourite sun dress, and truly looking and admiring the world can bring you back to earth. perspective is a powerful thing.

that is my new favourite website (i really need to budget and save money for travel – down to my last $50 until payday, i desperately need all the help i can get!)

what are you guys loving at the moment? 🙂

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