to growth//growing.

people say, “if you could give your fifteen year old self advice, what would you say?” 


i could say, let your hair down, girl. you have the most amazing curls hiding in that bun, but you never let it down to see. i could say, do more extracurricular! it’ll help you with your university application. i could say, talk to that guy on the bus. you wanted to, and now you regret it. i could say, stop being so indecisive. this will affect your relationships in the future.

i’m 25 now, and i’m starting to realise the importance of growth and the learning curve of growing up.

i wouldn’t want to be told what to do when i was fifteen. would i really listen? i was a different person then. i’m a different person now. everything that i have learned, i have learnt through experience. experience is a bitch. you’re one step ahead, then two steps behind. you’re being pulled along by someone, not realising, then dropped. you’re being taken advantage of and confusing it with love.

your actions lead you to where you are. your decisions, your mistakes, your successes. i didn’t talk to that guy on the bus, because i wasn’t confident enough. then came university, and i gained the confidence i needed.

we aren’t born with the tools to deal with every situation.

so, the decisions i make today are because i want to make them. and more importantly, because i can. i’m using the tools from my past. i believe it is right, so i will go with that.

i’ve always struggled with the opinions of others. in a way, it has made simple decisions harder than they need to be. i told my friend at lunch today, “i’m starting to let go of the need to please everybody, and going with my gut.”

my gut will lead me somewhere.

i will grow from this. i will continue growing.

so, fifteen year old jamie? just be you. do what you’re doin’.

(okay, maybe one thing – let down your hair!)

11 thoughts on “to growth//growing.

  1. This is great! I am drafting a blog the last couple days but ran out of time. About how your past helps define a person and there can be things you would change if you were back in your day now but no point to have regrets.! This post was fantastic. Thank you 🙂

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    1. that’s beautiful! you should definitely post it, and i will check it out! it’s been on my mind for a while. i think i’m at an age now where i can really appreciate where i’ve been and how i’ve come to get here 🙂 thank you!


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      1. I completely agree, I think each section of our lives make us who we are today. So you are completely right… 15 year old us, keep doing what you are doing. 🙂 -B x

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      2. I will try remember to let you know when it is up by the way, probably after the weekend or mid week next week as I started a draft but decided to post the one on Bali first so finished that one off today 🙂 -B x


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