parlez-vous francaise?

I’ve started to learn French. Again.

I told James today, “When I become fluent in French, I know who to thank. You, & Duolingo!”. He told me to download it, as he’s learning Italian.

Duolingo ( is fantastic. It’s this adorable little app run by owls (really), that teaches you to learn French in a really fun, easy way. You can choose how often you want to practice it a day – I’ve upped mine from 10 minutes a day to about 30 minutes because it’s that fun.

I’ve learned how to say a dolphin is pretty – le dauphin est joli. (this made me laugh. a lot).

I’m getting the hang of it. It’s just one of the many hobbies I’m trying to do, to keep my brain active and keep learning. I miss being at university, sitting in lectures, taking notes about everything and anything. Learning for that hour, not knowing which notes you would need for the exam. Just learning.

I studied French for two years at high school, and words are slowly coming back to me – it’s great to see how much knowledge your brain stores away for years.

So, when I go to France that one day (maybe for Christmas this year!) I will be able to hold a semi-conversation, and make my way through those mean streets.

And I can tell someone that a dolphin is pretty, at least.



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