my new zealand

Long time, no post!

New Zealand is not a small country, but a large village.

– Peter Jackson

A month ago, I took a wonderful trip up north to attend my friend’s wedding in Mahia (a cute little seaside town in the Hawke’s Bay), and places around the area.

New Zealand is beautiful, it truly is. It’s this vibrant and green getaway, full of friendly humans. It makes me so happy when I hear tourists tell me how friendly everyone is here. I take pride in that.

Here are a few snaps I took on my trip with my (what i call) “good camera” . Sadly none taken of the wedding as I didn’t want to lug my huge camera around my neck like a tourist.

But the wedding was stunning.

DSC01973 DSC01979 DSC01980 DSC01985 DSC01986 DSC01987(1)DSC01988

Coming soon!:

a very important post that i’ve been wanting to do for months – my Wellington, my home for 7, going on 8, years,

the wonder that is gilmore girls that is slowly taking over my life,

my travel ideas//plans//stresses//excitements//everything.



3 thoughts on “my new zealand

  1. Hi there. I’m not much of a traveller but when my two sons and ex husband said “let’s go to New Zealand” I gathered up my “pills” to get me on the plane and I flew from Canada to NZ. They spent 3 months there, but I was only there for 5 weeks….did a whirlwind tour of North and South Island…Last year was apparently a very cold summer…and yes it was cold some nights…my ex and I tented for 5 weeks…separate tents!!! and we didn’t kill each other or even want to…well that is up for debate. The people, the scenery, and the friendliness was stunning. We hiked several mountains and one volcano…beautiful.

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    1. That’s brilliant! Yeah, it wasn’t the best summer that’s for sure. But I’m very glad you experienced nz the way it should be – camping and enjoying the wilderness! X

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