haircuts//ted talks//glass slippers

It’s Monday already?!

I’m currently getting over a virus – I’ve been knocked out for most of the week, and had to skip the Colour Run on Sunday which was a total bummer! But my friends went, and had the best time so I’m glad. I stayed in bed, slept and slept and slept, and watched Broadchurch in bed. That show is getting so good…too good…

But oh, oh! I got my hair cut last Thursday. It’s shorter. I like it. My hairdresser Laura was shocked when I told her I wanted it cut short. Normally I have such long, curly, thick tresses. I wanted it even shorter, actually, but she looked at me and said “Yes, we can go short…but still longish, right? Like, about here?” *touches my shoulders* The minute she grabbed the scissors, she gave me this nervous smile. “Are you sure? I’m nervous. ARE YOU NERVOUS?!”

And for once, I wasn’t.

Baby steps, right? Baby steps.


This week, I’m loving:

  •  gorgeous acoustic covers of songs. my favourites at the moment are
    seven nation army – zella day
    crazy in love – daniela andrade
    i believe in a thing called love – branches
    how you remind me – maria doyle kennedy
    til the world ends – erato
    shake it off – us the duo
  • – Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk. breathtaking. Does anyone have any TED talk recommendations?
  • – yet another blog crush…this time on Naomi!
  • Alone time. I really appreciate time to myself at the moment!
  • Cinderella. I saw the film with the girls on Saturday, and it blew me away. The costumes, the acting…they didn’t try and change/modernise the storyline too much which I really liked. I really want to see it again, anyone want to take me?!

Hope you are all well, & this Easter weekend I am getting out and about with my camera and taking some snaps of this beautiful place I call home.



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