Writing 101 – New York, New York.

Day Two: A Room with a View

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?


When I stepped foot on the streets of New York for the first time, it was raining.

I was too busy gaping up at the tall, bronze buildings in front of me, the blue street signs, the trees littering the sides of the street. History and character oozed out of every pore. New York, New York, right? I almost wanted that song to be playing right when I stepped out.

I was getting soaked to my skin, and I dropped my suitcase in a puddle of water. New Yorkians were standing wisely, staying dry, along the edge of the Walgreens. We dragged our suitcases up to Koreatown, Manhattan where our apartment we rented was situated. Note: we were completely new to this place. Google maps in hand, trying to stay dry but failing, and my eyes never leaving my surroundings.

If I could go anywhere right now, it would be New York.

Wait, I’ll be precise. No, no, I can’t. Just New York. I was there for a week. I’d like to go there for a month. But if I can only go there for a day, so be it.

I would want to be lazing about in Central Park, staring up at the greenery encircling me, and the stone buildings right there. My friends and I would race each other on the bikes we’d rented, and get lost as we tried to find the Met. We’d ask a Central Park guide for his help, and he’d walk us there. We’d be at the Met for five hours. Oh art, how I love thou.

I would want it to be Fourth of July, with the Empire State Building lighting up red/white/blue. After the fireworks, I would sail up the elevator up to the 86th floor and look at the stars stretch out below me. That’s what they looked like, stars. I would pick out the Chrysler Building, the Rockefeller Center, the darkness that was Central Park. The wind would rush through my hair as my arms encircled the observation deck fencing, feeling like Meg Ryan, feeling like Tom Hanks, feeling like I belonged there.

We would be at the Disney Store at midnight, hugging every plush toy in sight. We’d walk into the Hershey’s stores every hour, just so we’d get a free chocolate on entry. #cheeky

We’d take a water taxi with New York State Of Mind playing softly in the background. Hot dogs in Battery Park. Tara’s first coffee at the Starbucks. 9/11 memorial, and purchasing one of my favourite books from the gift shop. I can’t read it without weeping.

We’d master the Subway, only just. I’d witness a man & a woman on the Subway, the woman reading out her poetry to those who would listen. I listened, and loved. It was one of those moments. When the woman stops, the man would say “We had a bet, and if I lost, I would have to rap on the Subway, if she won, she would have to read out one of her poems.”

When we’d get off, I’d smile at them and say “That was fantastic! I loved it.” They’d look at me, stunned.

I’d spend a day by myself, observing every inch of the Rockefeller Center. The NBC tour would blow my mind and I’d buy out the whole entire store for my friends. Psych tees, & Parks and Recreation paraphernalia. I’d listen to my iPod in Central Park, sitting beneath a tree and people watching.

That’s how I feel about New York.

I feel like I belong there.

And if I could just spend one more day, one more something, one more dropping my suitcase in the puddles in the rain, I would be a happy girl.

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