Day Four: Serially Lost

Today’s Prompt: Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.


When it comes to clothes, I’m simple.

Vintage, but simple.

I have hardly any shoes (well, compared to most women!). Just the staples. I don’t buy expensive boots that will last a lifetime; I buy $39.99 boots that’ll last me two winters, and $20 flats that will last me just as long as it takes for my half hour walk to and from work everyday.

I have specific items of clothing that I hang onto.

My brown leather satchel I bought for $10 at the Salvation Army in Feilding. I’ve had it for 7 years. A slight hole in the bottom of the back section, but other than that, it’s perfect. It’ll last another 7!

My big green raincoat, $5 thrift shop bargain. I popped some tags. It’s actually not the best raincoat, as I get completely soaked if it rains. But still.

Let me get to the point.

My hats.

I love beanies. I feel comfortable and stylish in a cosy winter beanie. But, I even wear them in summer. I like the way they hug my curly hair, and how they keep my hair from turning into a complete frizzy mess from walking around in Windy Wellington. I get to my destination, whip my beanie off, et voila! Perfect hair.

But I lose my hats.

They disappear, like socks in a washing machine. I used to buy a new one immediately, but I haven’t worn a beanie for 6 months. I’ve realised that I miss it. I miss slapping on a hat every morning, feeling like my outfit is complete – no matter what I’m wearing. It sounds superficial, but I’ve been thinking about it lately. I’ve always been the girl in the hat.

But I feel like that’s been happening for me, especially in the past couple of years. In life, you grow and you change. And you slowly start losing parts of yourself, and then one day, you remember:

Yeah, I used to wear hats!

And I loved it.

Some things, I have learnt to let go because they are a part of growing up. Hanging out with certain people, acting a specific way, letting things go (vague, but you get the point).

I’ve slowly stopped wearing hats.

But it doesn’t mean they’ve left my life completely.

hat and satch

(me, just before my friend & I left for a holiday in Fiji three years ago. Brown satchel & favourite maroon beanie in tow. I got told off for wearing a woolly hat to a tropical destination…she had a point!)

5 thoughts on “Day Four: Serially Lost

  1. I love the photo at the end! You look so happy in your hat 🙂 I used to live in Christchurch, New Zealand – but moved away for a while after the earthquakes! I visited Wellington once (that is – if there is only one Wellington and the one you are talking about is the one in New Zealand!!!) When I return to that side of the world with my partner, I’ll make sure I wear a hat on my next visit 🙂 Lovely, simple post and well written xx


      1. I LOVED New Zealand! My partner is from Christchurch, we will be returning in January, although we’ll be looking to live in Australia for some time. New Zealand is stunning and by far one of the best places I have visited! We are currently living in Oxford, England – another lovely part of the world 🙂

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  2. I like that you kept this upbeat and fun. On reading the topic for today’s writing101 I’m finding it a bit scary, but your post is a nice interpretation. As for me and hats, I like them and they seem to suit me, but they’re always too big for my head! And wooly ones always make my forehead itch 😦 alas!


  3. Great post and a lovely photo to round it off! I too love beanies as I think they’re the only hats that look good on me but unfortunately, I too lose them just as often! This is a really fun and happy take on losing something 🙂


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