markets//return of the friend


This weekend, I:

worked. We have been so behind at work, that we needed an extra day on Saturday to catch up, & we did! So proud of our team. We spent the day working, listening to cheesy love ballads on the Breeze radio station and having some laughs.

had KFC and watched Gilmore Girls with my friend. She’s come back from a trip to Napier, and we had a good catch up over fried chicken and the two coolest chicks on TV.

freaked out over Broadchurch, season 2. I’m nearly at the finale and I’m so involved that I’m starting to get too emotional & my heart is racing faster than I thought was humanly possible.

went fruit & vege shopping at the markets bright and early on Sunday morning. It was the perfect time; it wasn’t too packed full of people, the sun was out, it was slightly brisk and I love that kind of weather. I prefer being colder, than hotter. (see photo above).

Now, I’m going to have a nap and then watch the final of Broadchurch. Ahhh!

What have you guys been up to this weekend?



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