my life//my job

The first part is sorted – I’m going to London.


The next thing on my mind, and it is somewhat a struggle – no, I’m not up at night thinking about it, but it’s still there. It is what I should be doing with my life, career-wise.

Of course, I want to take this year or two off to travel and have amazing amounts of fun and discover myself and all of that, but I also don’t want to stop thinking about where I want to be in the future.

I told my friend the other day: “When I get back from London, I’ll…”

He looked appalled, and said “Why when you get back?! Your life isn’t on hold. You don’t have to wait for this magical moment to focus on what you want to achieve. You’re in a different country, cool. You can still get experience that will lead you to where you want to be.”

He has a point.

I know what I’m driven towards, and that’s the written word. Literature, books, writing. So naturally, a career in the library or publishing sector is be perfect. It’s what I’ve been wanting to enter into for a long time now. I have applied for jobs at the National Library in Wellington, Archives, and looked into studying Library Studies at some point. I have been driven towards this ever since I was a child and I knew that I was drawn towards writing like a moth to a flame. Or a Jamie to a bookstore.

That leads me to publishing. I put the idea on hold the year after I graduated university, after my application to study Publishing at Whitirea Polytech was rejected. They told me I needed experience. Needed experience to study?! I thought it was ridiculous. So, I gave up. Which was even more ridiculous, because if I don’t try, of course I won’t succeed!

Then to throw another spanner in the works, I was at the vet clinic the other day (and have been numerous times in the past couple of weeks due to a very sick kitty…) & I turned to my friend and said “Why did I give up the vet nurse dream? I want to work here!” Anybody who knows me knows I’m obsessed with animals. Obsessed. I wanted to be a vet nurse during my early years of high school, but changed my mind after my science grades were not up to scratch.

My friend & I sat on the roof of a boat shed along Wellington’s Oriental Parade this weekend and I let this all out.

I said, “I’m happy not knowing exactly what I want at this point. I’ll find out along the way.”

“As long as you’re happy,” he replied.

“Should I be doing more?” I said, starting to doubt myself. I was happy, but I was still grasping on to any advice I could get.

“Maybe try and define what you want to do a bit more. So when you try and find a job, or study, you’ll know what they’ll be looking for. You can try your absolute best at that one field, instead of half-assing every possible field you could potentially get a job in.”

So, yes.

Watch this space!

Do you guys have any tips, or struggles when it comes to figuring out what you want to do, career-wise?



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