bad week//good week


I’m not gonna lie.

Last week was hard. I’ve been dealing with some things, you know, how everyone goes through those things. I feel a bit better than before, but still getting there. I’m currently sitting on my bed, reading a WWII book, with a cat named Abby curled up next to me.

Stress affects me, a lot. I end up forgetting to drink, I have no appetite and I get really worked up. I lose my positive Jamie-buzz. I’m naturally a positive person, but if I feel out of control and overwhelmed, it’s suddenly like a cloud has come over me. Come Thursday & Friday last week, I wasn’t eating very well and I was uneasy and unhappy.

A wonderful dinner out with my work team and drinks in town on Friday was just what I needed. I really appreciate my team – we are a good mix of young & old, men and women, and we had the best time laughing, eating satay and drinking too many vodka Red Bulls…

A day at one of my best friend’s house on Saturday took my mind off everything. She let me vent, made me laugh and we got to stuff our faces with McDonalds (what we do best). A nice long drive with fish & chips on Sunday was a good end to the week.

So basically, I’ve had conflict with a friend, I smashed the indicator on my car when backing out of a carpark, and my computer needs fixing. And I had a really bad migraine on Sunday. These things are not conducive to a good week.

But you know, there are some things I can’t control.

I can control things in my life that stress me out, regarding friends, personal conflict etc.

But my car? It was a mistake. I can’t uncrash it. It happened. It’s going to be broken, and all I need to do is deal with it and fix it.

My migraine? I went to the doctor today. It’s under control.

My computer? I will take it into the shop next pay week. I’ll get it under control

Meanwhile, it’s Monday, and I have 6 days ahead of me to take control and do with as I please. I will spend time with people that make me happy, including myself, read my book, exercise, drink lots of water, watch my favourite TV shows, get fresh air, drink coffee, eat well, don’t spend too many $$’s, laugh at the small things, work on the big things with a clear, clear mind, and I won’t stop cuddling cats.


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