Well, well, well!

Recently, my life has revolved around cats and My Kitchen Rules. Both are equally as important. They are my remedy.

cat pills

I’ve been cat-sitting my friend’s cat for the week. Her name is Blanche, she’s a ragdoll, white, fluffy, squeaky and adorable. She used to live with me last year, but her and her owner (my bestie) moved out in December. So it’s been lovely having her to stay, snuggle with and keep me company.

She’s pretty darn cute. Check her out – she’s the cutest thing. I want her. I seriously want her. I think I love her, guys. I kind of don’t want to give her back. Do you think my friend will notice if I don’t? Probs will. Damn.


The weekend is coming to a close. I spent it doing everything I loved. All caught up on My Kitchen Rules, cleaned the house, found some new earrings to wear, hung out with important people, watched one of my favourite movies Anastasia (once upon a December…) and now downloading new music. More songs of the week to come… #staytuned.

I will fall asleep a happy girl.

Hope you are all happy and having amazing weekends! x

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