monday musings.

mywords I’ve always been a letter writer.

When I was at university, I created a blog called “Letters To You”. I wrote letters to people in my life, that I didn’t necessarily want them to read, but I wanted to get out on paper.

I’ve written a diary a year since I was 17 years old.

In relationships, I write. I hand my boyfriends letters over the table, or swiftly sneak them into their bags/pockets for them to read later. Post-it notes. Long three page letters. Sometimes I find my letters, letters I never sent. And sometimes I lose letters, letters I never sent.

Writing gives me time to think, time to convey my thoughts in a way that makes sense. Sometimes my mouth moves too fast for my head, or maybe too slow and everything comes out making no sense. Inarticulate. Vague. Unsure. In my mind, it’s sure, but the words I’m speaking?

I like writing.

I think I’ll always be a letter writer, for as long as I live.

And hopefully a writer.

6 thoughts on “monday musings.

  1. I felt like I was reading about myself when I read this post – I even wrote letters to my own Mum when I was a child. I find it so much easier to express myself when I write – because when I speak, I stumble, I blurt out the wrong thing, or just completely freeze and express nothing at all! Glad I’m not alone with that one – my boyfriend always asks me why I wrote him a letter when he was sitting in the next room hehe 🙂 Keep writing for us because it’s wonderful to read!

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    1. Awwww, this is so lovely! I love it! Yes, us writers need to stick together eh. Haha, my boyfriends usually don’t mind too much, but once he said “You can just tell me this stuff, you don’t have to write it down” – but I’d rather write it down usually! You’re awesome x

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      1. Ahh thank you! (I even saved the picture you added to your post since it summed up my situation so well!) And yes! Let the writers unite! Hehe 🙂 Keep smiling xx

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