this bird has flown.

norwegian wood

“I can never say what I want to say,” continued Naoko. “It’s been like this for a while now. I try to say something, but all I get are the wrong words – the wrong words or the exact opposite words from what I mean. I try to correct myself and that only makes it worse. I lose track of what I was trying to say to begin with. It’s like I’m split in two and playing tag with myself. One half is chasing the other half around this big, fat post. The other me has the right words, but this me can’t catch her.” She raised her face and looked into my eyes. “Does this make any sense to you?”
“Everybody feels like that to some extent,” I said. “They’re trying to express themselves and it bothers them when they can’t get it right.”

– Norwegian Wood, Murakami

8 thoughts on “this bird has flown.

      1. You may want to check out A Wild Sheep Chase and Dance, Dance, Dance. Read sheep chase before dance dance dance. DDD is a continuance of sheep chase. It’s been years since I’ve read it. I may pick it up again, too! If you read it, let me know what you think.

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