throwback thursday.

I’ve decided to start a Throwback Thursday, special to my blog.

I will post something every Thursday from my old blog, or any of my old diaries in the past. I am proud of what I have written throughout my life, and I still want to share it.

This is from:

January 30 2013

why is it that the two boys i’ve ever dated lived on the same street at some point? holloway road, aro valley. a dark, dingy but very vintage street.
when i went for my run tonight i ran past michael’s house; i was thrown back to 2009, playing poker in the lounge, losing horribly. scrumpy hands, michael throwing up out the window. making spaghetti bolognaise for everyone. the horrible shower. those kisses…those conversations, flooded back to me.
i was tired by the time i walked (puffed)Β past christie’s house. no lights were on. this house i visited 5 times max. his mattress on the floor, books in boxes everywhere, unpacked. his business magazines. his brother on his computer in the corner, cracking jokes. he was one of the funniest people i’ve met. watching alexander on the laptop. tickle fights. dancing in the kitchen.
they don’t live there anymore; the houses are slept in by others, making their own memories, good, bad, maybe they will run past these houses one day and remember the good times.

i got more than i bargained for on this run. i met two gorgeous kittens who i immediately become bff’s with (!), and i was forced to remember everything about my ex boyfriends.

aro valley


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