throwback thursday.

throwback thursday:

(to the time i first found out my sister was having twins).

So, after trying for 2 years to have a baby, my sister finally got pregnant. Not with one baby, but with two. She’s having twins. It is basically the best news I have ever heard in my life, and my response on the phone as I walked down a bustling Willis street on Friday night was “Oh my gosh, no, what! Sam…that’s amazing, oh my goodness, what the hell, twins!” and then I started crying.

Twins is a big deal. Twins is huge. My sister’s stomach will be huge. We have no twins in our massive family. I have five sisters, and 7 nieces and nephews. No twins. So this year we will be welcoming three babies to our beautiful family. Two twins, and one non-twin who will belong to my sister Aimee. I am so excited for both of my sisters. They are wonderful mothers. I love babies. Newborn babies are my favourite; their cries are even cute. They’re too young to whinge, they sleep all the time and everything about their tiny bodies is so precious and miniature.
I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant and alone and I was upset. For days after I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt both negatively and positively about the idea of being pregnant, and it confused me. Of course, I want children. It’s on the agenda, one day. But when I went on my run today, I realised that before I have children I want to have stories to tell my kids. I want to tell them about the person I was before them. Because that’s who I am. I’m Jamie, and I am a person with a journey and stories to tell, and stories to accumulate. They will soon become my story too.
So I will continue to live in the now, know that things will happen when the time is right.
Also, twins!

(Note: The two little peanuts in my sister’s tummy are now these two munchkins named Piper & Willow. I love them.)
boop boops

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