The Importance Of Being A Foodie


At work, all we talk about is food. Oh, and registering babies (yup, that’s what I do!). But majority of the time, it’s food.

It’s Krystle, describing her famous bacon & egg pie and creamy chicken.

It’s Phil, talking about his cookies & Milky Bar (with Smarties).

It’s Grace, and her delicious persimmons and the fact that she doesn’t know a lot about KFC. (“What do you get there? A few wings, thighs…?”)

It’s me, talking about it all. I’m obsessed with food. Give me all the food. When we get to work, the colleagues & I often just talk about what we had for dinner the night before.

That’s my start to my post about being team leader for the week. It began with food, and ended with responsibility…

Being team leader has been great! I took the initiative a couple of weeks ago and asked my team leader if I could have an opportunity of looking after our team if she went away. Luckily she had a trip to Fiji lined up, and she lined me up as team leader. For a week and a half. 

Busy. Busy! The first day, one person was away sick. Unexpected meetings. Phone calls. But I loved the challenge.

Second day, another person sick.

By Monday, three people were sick. That left two people to register the majority of NZ’s babies. Okay, cooooooool…but you know, we smashed it out. Delegation. “You can do it!”. Hard words.

Tomorrow’s my last day as TL, and it’s been great. Certainly challenging, but I learnt a lot about myself, what I’m capable of but also how to improve. I can definitely improve. But my team is fantastic, and I probably couldn’t have done it without them. They are such a great bunch.

(Oh, and tonight I made butter chicken. Yum!)


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