My dear friend Anna is going to live in Montpellier, France, for four months.


She leaves tomorrow & is really unsure if she’s coming back.

For her leaving gift, I went to my favourite bookstore, Unity Books, and bought her How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are. 

It’s a lovely little book written by four French women, about the way of life, style, humour, that comes with being a Parisian woman. I found it at the library last week, and I sat and poured through it within half an hour. It was fantastic and made me want to drink a glass of wine, wear a chic trenchcoat and smoke cigarettes outside a cafe (I don’t smoke. But if I did, that’s what I’d be doing).

When I bought it, the adorable bespectacled shopkeeper said to me as she bagged it, “Is the book for you, or for a friend?”. Momentary pause, as I was jealous I was buying it for someone else. “It’s for a friend.”


parisian4That’s my favourite page, above. I would love a poster of it hanging over my bed to live by.

Be your own knight in shining armour.

To say goodbye to Anna, us & other work colleagues had wine at Fork & Brewer and Korean karaoke in true Wellington fashion. Anna & I sang along to Jump For My Love (complete with Hugh Grant Love Actually dance moves), and the whole group made a very entertaining portrayal of the Gambler by Kenny Rogers, (‘You never count your money (money, money, money!’).

It was a great night, but let’s just say I managed to send everyone very embarrassing snapchats of me, and everyone else singing terribly to songs (mine include Gangsta’s Paradise, but I rocked it).

Now, I’m off to go see Aloha with Anna and send her off on her merry French way.

Hope you all are well!



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