I went on an unofficial hiatus due to the almost-death of my laptop. But thankfully, he pulled through. $160 lighter (laptop repairs are expensive!), and I have him back. What a relief!

Without my laptop, I’ve managed to focus on reading (now almost finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes), studying French on Duolingo and sorting out our flat situation.

Our flatmate Helena is moving out, and it became stressful for a moment there where we were trying to find a replacement flatmate…But now, we’ve found a British couple named Tom & Paige and they are wonderful. I adore them already. I’ve already had cups of teas and shared travel stories with Paige at night as we try to warm up.

Oh yeah, that brings me to my next topic. It’s freezing here in Wellington at the moment. Like, I can’t even. It nearly snowed. Emphasis on nearly. The South Island is practically covered at the moment, but it’s only hailed here. I’m disappointed. I love snow. So I would like Wellington to either a) snow and be pretty, or b) warm up. Anything in between is not ideal. So at the moment I am keeping myself warm with heaters & cats! (see photo below taken an hour earlier.)

Also: I sent away my visa application today. I will wait to hear back in 3 weeks as to whether I am able to live and work in the UK for 2 years. Fingers crossed!

kit kat

Hope you all are well & warm!


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