current book: Mister Pip

“As we progressed through the book, something happened to me. At some point I felt myself enter the story. I hasn’t been assigned a part – nothing like that; I wasn’t identifiable on the page, but I was there, I was definitely there. I knew that orphaned white kid and that small, fragile place he squeezed into between his awful sister and loveable Joe Gargery because the same space came to exist between Mr Watts & my mum.

And I knew I would have to choose between the two.”

– Mister Pip, Lloyd Jones. 

I am loving this book. I wasn’t too sure at first – Goodreads had either one star or five star reviews, and I was torn. I’m the kind of person who takes reviews seriously. But it was one of Miranda’s favourite books, and so I started it with high hopes and it hasn’t let me down yet.

My friend texted me the other day & said: “Oh god! Good luck with Mister Pip. I had a nervous breakdown in the middle of it, and my flatmates found me crying on the floor of the lounge. Godspeed, Jamie. Godspeed.”

I’ll let you guys know when I’m at the breakdown point!


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