taking a stand.

I have to get something off my chest. 

For all you non-Kiwi’s, you probably aren’t aware of a recent incident that has been taking over our news sites. It involves a radio presenter Dom Harvey and Dancing With The Stars Chrystal Chenery.

The story: Dom took a screenshot of Chrystal on DWTS when she did a dance move on the show, in which her legs were open for a split second. He took the screenshot, posted it online and wrote a comment “Chrystal just showing Art what he missed out on” (Chrystal was a bachelorette on The NZ Bachelor).

The minute I saw it, I was disgusted. I imagined what it would be like if I was in her shoes and how embarrassed I’d be. I saw nothing funny about it. It had her in a vulnerable and exposed position. It was a screenshot of a split second that regular viewers would not have seen if they were just watching the show. It was a cheap joke.

Chrystal hit back asking for an apology from him, and the fight went on.

But it’s not the fight between the two that worries me. It’s the bullying that has resulted of this photo posted online. I am seeing a split between people defending Chrystal, people who are indifferent and then the people who are now attacking and bullying Chrystal on social media. It’s making me sick. Sure, Dom has come out and apologised, and said it was a joke that went too far. But the photo has lasting consequences.

I am hearing people calling Chrystal a slut, saying that she was asking for it, for wearing a short skirt and showing her panties on a dance show. Okay, what. She was on a dance show. All of the girls are wearing glamorous outfits, some very short, but they aren’t outwardly showing their privates. They do flips and moves that may momentarily reveal their underwear. But that’s a part of it. Chrystal danced her ASS off. And now suddenly she’s a slut, because someone was disgusting enough to take a screenshot of her in a vulnerable position?

It makes me sad and angry with society. I don’t like the fact that people jump to conclusions about people, eager to judge and bully. It is just so against everything I know and what I stand for.

I just had to get that off my chest.


6 thoughts on “taking a stand.

  1. I don’t know the story, but I really felt for the lady you described – that guy was disgusting to turn such a beautiful form of dance into a cheap shot. Shame on him.

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      1. It’s bullying plain and simple. And it’s that sort of behavior that makes me feel ashamed of how easily people can hurt one another with their words and actions 😦

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      2. I know, it actually scares me! It makes me sad that there are kids out there that suffer so much bullying too. But cyber bullying can affect people of any age, and it’s horrible.

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  2. All bullying is dangerous, and the horrible thing about cyber bullying is that people become extremely vicious because they are hidden behind the safety net of their computer screen – they don’t even need to face their victims or take responsibility for the damage they cause 😦

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