a good man.

I was sitting on Cuba Street, waiting in the sun for my friend to come and join me for brunch. 

Someone was walking past me, but very closely, in a way that I knew they were about to say something to me. He was old, unshaven, weathered face, dark Maori skin. His clothes hung off him. One of the Wellington homeless, I recognised. “I hope you are having a lovely day, young lady!”

“Thank you,” I said quietly. I was afraid of him. I was ashamed of this fact.

“I can see by your face that you are a very kind and wonderful person,” he then said.

My whole body relaxed immediately. “Awww,” I replied. “That’s a really nice thing to say!”

“I mean it. And do you know the one word starting with the letter G that everyone should follow?”

I thought, here we go.

“And no, it’s not God. It’s Goodness. Everyone just needs to be Good to one another, and we’d live in a much better place.”

“I agree!”

“Have a nice day!” he said, his back to me and his hand waving over his head.

I was still smiling by the time my friend reached me. It’s the little things.


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