We’re pretty lucky, really. 

The quote in the first post was the first installment in this post series, about appreciating what you have. This is heavy on my mind after returning home from living away for many years.

We sat around the dinner table, my parents and I, wine in hand. We had not long said “cheers!” and we were discussing a sad story about a family friend of ours.

“Isn’t it crazy how we have 6 daughters, and ten grandchildren, yet we are all healthy and don’t have any major problems in our lives. Isn’t that amazing?”

Mum listed some statistics about how 1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness. “With 6 girls, we’re doing pretty well…”

We are very, very lucky. We are a family who band together. If anyone needs supporting, we are all there for them. It amazes me how this happens – us 6 girls all get along so well, and all of their children are best friends. I sometimes have to step away and just look at how lucky we are, and how lucky I am. We all grew up with amazing morals, we are polite, we can have a laugh and get along generally with everybody.

We love food. We love coming together. We all have tremendously loud laughs. We can be overwhelming. We are accommodating. Any partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, are always made to feel welcome. When I bring home a guy, I will be so happy and proud, no doubt about that.

Luck is an understatement.

Two more weeks with this wonderful family. How am I ever going to say goodbye?


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