Today I:

  • ran out of battery on my phone the minute I left the house – but realised how lovely it was to focus on other things, rather than check my phone every minute!
  • spent half an hour in a bookstore that has been in Tauranga for years – Books A Plenty. i love bookstores like this. you can see the passion in the people who work there.
  • ate a chicken and mushroom filo roll and read a MiNDFOOD magazine (my favourite magazines EVER)
  • decided to enter a short story competition in said magazine – better get cracking!
  • bought my mumma a cook book – Love & Food At Gran’s Table – to thank mum for being amazing and supportive. she’s great.
  • got ready for my dinner out with my friend Yasmin – mexican and a chick flick, Trainwreck! Tried my new blue eyeliner, & I’m liking it…
  • decided I would like to one day open a bookshop.

bookshop loveandfood
IMG_6430 IMG_6432


9 thoughts on “tuesday.

      1. I will have that next week, away to a place with no easy WiFi access… so I will have to cope for a few days! Thank goodness for being able to schedule posts!!!

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