the pursuit of happyness

We sat drinking vanilla soda & waiting for our desserts. 

“It’s strange – but I feel really good about myself now. It’s not that I used to have really low self-esteem, but right now, I feel really confident and happy. I really love it!”

“That makes me so happy, I want to cry!”

She’s an old friend who, no matter how long we are apart, everytime we hang out it’s like nothing has changed. She is wonderful.

And it’s true. This new-found confidence I have now is something I want to hold on to, and take forward with me in a locket around my neck. I never want to let it go. It makes me think; there must have been some elements of Wellington that held me back. That suppressed this happiness, or content with my life.

This is good. I’m liking it, a lot =)

Now, off to my uncle’s 70th birthday dinner! I’m wearing all black. “Is this too black?” I asked mum. “Not at all!’


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