jamie hits london!


I made it to London.

The weather is just what I thought it would be; bipolar, can’t make up its mind. But it’s not windy, save for when you’re in the tube station after the tube sucks the wind through the tunnels. My skirt flew over my head just as I went to hug my friend goodbye. There’s no wind, no rain. Just a chill here and there, but hot enough to not wear a coat.

Yesterday, before I got a job, I wandered the streets with no direction. I made it to the West End, surrounded by playwrights and bright Wicked posters shouting at me. I eventually made my way to Trafalgar Square without realising it, and was welcomed by this busker singing Ed Sheeran.

The National Gallery houses Van Gogh. I went inside there to drink tea at the cafe, and got a phone call from my agency saying I had a job. I didn’t have time to go see all the paintings – but I’m definitely going back. I will go for a whole day. Art & I go together, like things that go together.

London is beautiful. It’s like a work of art in itself.

Would you believe I haven’t even made it to the river Thames yet? Baby steps. I saw the Big Ben from afar. Soon.

Today, I got homesick as the job I got was not exactly what I was expecting. But, it’s only for 4 weeks and it’s money funding my travel. Positivity!

Tomorrow night, I’m going to an Alan Carr show. Tom Brady is the guest star.

This weekend, I might go to Cambridge for a day.

What is this life? Is it really mine?


4 thoughts on “jamie hits london!

  1. Woo! Well done you 🙂 I’m in Oxfordshire so not too far away – I’ll be heading back to your side of the world in January! Getting lost in London is a must – you’ll soon realise that you can pretty much walk from place to place – no tubes needed! (It took me a while to figure that out) 😉 xx

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    1. Ooh, exciting! I love getting lost – I’ve gotten lost a few times actually and loved it 🙂 You can get everywhere pretty easily!

      My favourite part about London at the moment are the bookstores. So wonderful!


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