london tales.

Over the past week, I’ve gotten lonely.

It’s hard moving to a completely new country, with new people, a whole new atmosphere, new transport system, new currency. A whole new world, Aladdin & Jasmine said. It’s exciting, but I’ve realised that it’ll hit you at the strangest times. The homesickness.

On the train home after being caught in the pouring rain. At a pub surrounded by your new friends. Lonely, but you’re not alone. I get that. I feel that.

But it’s about balance, and settling in. “Give it three months,” my cousin said. To really settle into London, the different way of life, sorting out life-admin (trust me, it’s a mission!), making new friends.

It’s all very rewarding. It’s London. It’s absolutely, incredibly, amazingly beautiful here. I adore it, I can’t express that anymore. I even love the London underground (the mighty tube)! My cousin thinks I am crazy, but I love sitting down, settling in, reading my book and people watching. Surprisingly, the tube gives me a lot of inspiration on character ideas for novels. As well as gives me an hour of reading my book a day, which is great!

The food is cheap – I bought a few grocery items yesterday and got out my 10 pound note, ready to pay, when it cost me 3 pounds 70. What the! In NZ, It would have cost me at least $10.

The museums are free. The cafes are a-plenty. Around every corner there is a comedy show, a play, a gig. A street performer. Deep in the tubes at Bond Street, a man played “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles and I had a skip in my step as I walked through the underground. I realised I see life through a lens. I see moments as photographs, snap-shots, small home videos. I’m a romantic. I see the good in the small things. London is a great place to see the small things.

This weekend was magical.

For the way I had a balance between social and Jamie time.

Friday night, I drank at a pub in Clapham to watch the rugby with my new friend Jane.

Saturday, I museum’d. The Victoria & Albert Museum was absolutely amazing. The art history geek in me was going absolutely crazy. There’s a Michelangelo’s David replica in the casts room, and I thought it was the actual thing for a moment (I was not prepared for that!) and I almost cried. It’s my favourite art piece. Even so, I was happy to be in the replica’s presence! I ooh’d and ahh’d over Italian Renaissance tapestries, old original wood-cut printed bibles, old medieval wear, jewellery, paintings, sculpture.

Saturday night, cocktails, prosecco, one delicious chicken salad, and many boys and girls out watching the rugby. England vs Australia – I am so devastated for England that they lost & are now out of the RWC! But, a jolly good night.

Sunday, my good old friend Teneille and I explored Camden Town. Brunch! Markets! Nitro ice cream! (It’s delicious – you have to go!).


The homesickness comes & goes. I know that. But, it’s all worth it.


3 thoughts on “london tales.

  1. I lived in London for 3 1/2 months when I was a student. I felt homesick at times, and that’s okay. It means you have a wonderful home somewhere and family that you miss. And, after a little while, you get into a routine. Being away felt lonely at times, but I’m so glad I did it. I look back and think…wow! That was one of the best times of my life. These experiences will always be with you, and you’ll be a stronger and more well-rounded person because of it. Best wishes and safe travels! 😊 xo


    1. Hi! That is so, so true. I’m really enjoying it regardless, I think I love this magical city so much that it outweighs the homesickness! & the good thing is, no matter how homesick I am, I never want to go home. I never want to pack up my things & leave. It’s just temporary. That’s so good to know how much you enjoyed your time in london! xxx

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