love in the united kingdom.

So, Hugh Grant was right. Love actually, is, all around. 


(PS: I know I’ve mentioned Hugh Grant twice in like, a week. I’m not completely obsessed with Hugh Grant, I promise! I hardly think about Hugh Grant. Buuuut it just so happens he is in British movies, and I am now in the UK. He’s gonna come up a lot. #sorrynotsorry).

The love is in many different forms. Firstly, the many people and their dogs. London is ridden with pooches. How the city houses these dogs, I have no clue, but it’s absolutely wonderful. I saw a dog come into the 3 Mobile store with its owner last week. Just hangin’ while his owner topped up her sim. No biggie.

Secondly, people the tube. I have been in London 6 weeks and I am starting to get to know the locals on the Jubilee line. By get to know, I mean, recognise their faces but not talk to them. But still. There’s an Indian couple who get on the tube at Kilburn and the way he looks at her makes me both melt & feel uncomfortable. He just loves her, as they stand there, her hand in his pocket so she doesn’t fall over on the rattling train. Her impeccable eyeliner, his amazing dress sense, his eyes looking over her face as she looks out the window, taking in every inch of her face. It’s sappy as all hell. But, really cute. I think I’m both hardening and softening at the idea of romance here. I can’t decide.

One couple could not stop kissing on the tube. I was a little disgusted, as I am against too much PDA, however they were actually really cute. He made faces as he peered down at her, and she laughed and covered her mouth.

On the bus back from Dorset, a boy in his late teens sat near me. I saw on his phone (it was hard to avoid) that he was texting a lover long sappy texts and they both sent each other love hearts over and over again. He was grinning from ear to ear.

In Dorset, I visited my cousin Brooke’s great aunt & uncle, George and Val. Both in their 80s, they are adorable and hospitable, feeding us copious amounts of food and drink and telling us stories of their lives. George, telling us stories of his Navy career, and Val chuckling as she retells travel stories of their younger years. They are such a loving, stable couple. Married very young, they have had so much fun together over the years and even though Val talks too much and she may be forgetful, George just looks at her as if to say, “Oh, you”.

Love actually is all around.


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