autumn leaves.


When a man gets up and offers his seat to an elderly woman, I have total respect for him. You, sir, were raised right.

You feel like a bit of a fool when you’re in line at the Holborn underground station, thinking, “God, it’s so annoying when people’s oyster cards decline! Sort it out, would ya!” then you get to the front and your oyster card declines. Okay, world. Point taken.

Autumn in the UK is beautiful. I feel like the leaves are more vibrant, red and gold crunching under your boots. And Halloween! Bright orange pumpkins that I’ve never seen before. In New Zealand, our pumpkins are a light green. It’s really strange. The bright orange pumpkins make me excited for Halloween in a sense that I never had before.

But the final of the Rugby World Cup is on Halloween. So I’ll just be celebrating that, no doubt!

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