london learnings.

things they don’t tell you about london:

the KFC combos don’t come with potato & gravy. and when i mention this to people who are from the UK, they look at me as if i’m crazy. “potato & gravy, with KFC?! bollocks!” but yes. we have mashed potato and gravy in our combos in NZ, to dip chips, chicken and bread rolls in! delicious.

London skin. my friend said to me when i was two weeks in: “have you got London skin yet?” i didn’t at that point, but currently i am rocking it. my skin is getting used to the new air, the air pollution in the tubes and just general city life. pimples and general blotchyness galore.

you practice impatience. trust me, i’m the most patient person you could meet. but through all of the crowds, and annoying humans on the tube, i’m starting to get impatient.

avoid Oxford Street. well, maybe exceptions being early mornings or one quiet afternoon on a Tuesday. but other than that, don’t do it. Oxford Street has made me impatient! (see point above) crowds of tourists, often stopping to figure out where they’re going, hoards of people waiting to enter the tube stations…it’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. but it’s crazy.

groceries are CHEAP. but steak is NOT. the other night my flatmate came home with 5 packets of steak and a huge smile on his face. “at the Co-Op they are £20 for one steak! and at Tesco’s they were only £5!” and yes, i went to my local supermarket and saw it was indeed £20 for a single, lonely, rump steak. so, if you want a steak, go to Tesco’s apparently!

the tubes are easier than you think. if you’re coming to London, don’t fret that you’re going to get on the wrong train and end up in Timbuktu. once you’re on a tube or train, you realise pretty quickly if you’re on the wrong one and it’s so easy to just hop off at the next station and jump on the next train. if they come every 2-5 minutes, you’re never stuck for long. easy peasy!

homeless people with dogs. they’re everywhere! quite cute, really.

they don’t have buttered popcorn at the cinema. i know, right. what. “sweet or salty?” “i’ll have butter, please” *Jane whispers in my ear* “Jamie, they only do sweet or salty!” “um! okay. um. sallllttyy?” mind you, salty ended up tasting like the popcorn from back home, but still. blew my mind.

One thought on “london learnings.

  1. I was also surprised to learn about the pack of potato and gravy at KFC in London haha! I mentioned it in one of my early blog posts too. I wasn’t aware of the popcorn situation though!

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