You know how I knew my boss was going to sign me onto a contract and I’d make it past the week’s trial?

“Jamie, do you like dogs?” she asked.


“Well, good. You’ll be happy then. One of my clients comes in to our office around Christmas time every year with his Daschaund Bertie. He even wears a little coat.”

“I am so excited to see Bertie!”


That comment there was an indication that she wanted me to stay. Yay! The thought of a little sausage dog roaming around my office, with a little coat on, for snuggles, makes me very happy. Almost as happy as the fact I am now signed onto a 3 month contract, with the potential to be extended. I am working as a secretary for a solicitor in Notting Hill. It’s just myself and the solicitor in the office – so it’s quiet, different from the busy, young team environment I am used to.

But I really enjoy it. It’s busy. It can be stressful, but it keeps me on my toes! I stayed at work until 7pm the other night, just to help my boss finish off an important case. I’m learning a lot, and working in one of the most beautiful parts of London. Ye olde Notting Hill.

Hope you are all well & happy!


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