walking in a winter wonderland.


(this photo was taken seconds before my glasses were stolen!)

On Friday evening, I went to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland with my friend. We were like children, our mouths hanging open, gazing at the lights, the endless supply of Bavarian beer tents, hot chocolate stands, candy floss, Swiss chalets, rides. It was almost like we had stepped into a theme park, but something even more than that…it was a world of its own. I felt like I needed a map to navigate the place – you could get lost there (I did get lost there), winding down the roads, seeing a new kind of ride around each corner. We’ve decided to return there before it shuts at Christmas, and go on all the rides!

We got delicious German chips swimming in gravy, and watched the ice skaters effortlessly glide in the rink. I got mulled wine and sipped it slowly as we walked. Absolutely delicious! We went to the Bavarian Beer tents and decided that this is what Oktoberfest would be like, and watched an old German man sing karaoke-esque songs on the rotunda above us. Watching him sing Gangnam Style in a German accent was probably the highlight of the night. We found a 70s cover band and had a boogy to them, and danced under fake snow and pouring rain.

But then my glasses got stolen. I took them off to see better as they fogged with foam and rain drops, and placed them on the table by my drink. I turned to take a photo of my friend, and when we turned back they were gone. Who would steal GLASSES?! I actually have no idea why. I still don’t understand. Oh well, I bought a new pair (spent way too much money) and that is that.

Other than the glasses stealing fiasco, it was a wonderful night. Definitely going back before Christmas! 🙂



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