Belated New Year’s Resolutions!

A happiest of New Years again to all you wonderful people!

2016 is a gem so far.

I brought in the New Year on the couch with a glass of prosecco and a fancy cup and straw (who am I kidding, they were made of paper – but they were coloured gold! I’m fancier than Iggy Azalea), my friend by my side and Lake Placid on the laptop (we kind of went into the deep, dark archive of Netflix…) and when the clock struck 12, the whole of London seemed to explode with fireworks. We ran outside and watched the sky light up before our eyes.

I didn’t really write down any resolutions for this year. Because I already know where I’m going! I feel like I’m already on the journey already – I didn’t feel the need to write them down or make any further instant changes come January 1st.

BUT – in saying that, here are some things I’ll be wanting to (continue to) focus on:

  • Eating less biscuits. Honestly, they are my vice, and it shows! #holidayweight. They need to be more of a treat, and not part of my meals, ha!
  • More walks. London in winter can be gloomy; getting dark by 3:30pm means walking through the many beautiful parks is limited to the weekends. I will try my very best to walk part of the way home before taking the tube.
  • Be a lake, not a glass. For those of you who haven’t read this lovely wee story I found, give it a read. It has helped me a lot with my attitude when it comes to life’s issues and road blocks. It’s about being strong in situations that you cannot control. So far, so good!
  • Change my hair. I recently got the best hair cut of my life from a pregnant ex-hair salon manager in Chiswick from the comfort of her own home. My next cut is going to be a lob (long bob, ya’ll), with a colour – maybe blonde, or red! I am so excited. I never change my hair, but recently I’ve been thinking – yolo, right?
  • Drink more water. I am a notoriously slow drinker. I do not drink enough water and often feel very thirsty and somewhat dehydrated. Time to give my body what it needs.
  • Save. I love travel and I want to make the most of my time over here, but I also do not want to get in the same situation as I did in December. I don’t want to be borrowing money, I want to be saving it.
  • Say no/say yes. This is a weird one. But in the past, I’ve said yes to everything and everyone and it always causes a lot of issues in the long run. Over-booking people and stressing myself out. So for the past few months, I’ve been trying to say yes to the right things, and say no when I need to. To not feel bad about missing out on something, just because I think I need to be there (FOMO, we’!). But I also need to remember that I am here, in London, Europe on my doorstep, with so many people to meet and places to see, that I should also be a yes man when I need to as well. #balance
  • Writing – I’ve gotten back into writing and I just bought a notebook to write down story ideas, conversations and bits and pieces that inspire me.

So, in saying all of this, I suppose I did have new years resolutions! Haha.

What are your resolutions? Or perhaps your favourite resolution you’d like to share?

Happy new year, lovely people!

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