healthy = happy



Lately, I’ve been living to these kinds of rules.

Maybe it was London that did it to me, or maybe it’s my old age.

I mean, I felt hungover from two glasses of wine last weekend! What? The actual what.

For about two months now, I have changed from my a-soda-a-day habit to a soda a week (which is surprising for me!), and I feel amazing for it.

I have gone from a teaspoon and a half of sugar in my tea, to no sugar (half a teaspoon when I’m feeling the need for a sugar hit!)

I’ve gone from snobbing spinach completely, to wanting to include it in every single meal. Spinach, am I right? It’s delicious. I managed to fall in love with it through a spinach and basil pasta meal from Tescos. Mmm, mmmm. One of my favourite meals at the moment is lamb salad, with spinach and roast vegetables.

I have been going for walks after work and on the weekend – because I catch two tube lines on my way to and from work, I decided to walk 40 minutes to Bond Street to catch the Jubilee line, in order to only catch one line home in the evening. It’s a great excuse to exercise, as well as not having to spend half of the time on the tube. As much as I love the tube for getting me around the city relatively easy everyday, I’d much rather limit the time spend underground, thankyouverymuch.

And in the mornings, when I can muster the energy, I wake up and exercise in the lounge. Spotebi is my new favourite thing – it’s an online at home workout guide for women, and I’m currently on the weightloss workout plan. It’s fabulous. I did a lower body workout two days ago, and my thighs are still absolutely on fire (it’s almost like when I did paintball with my friends for the first time…We were all hobbling around for about a week ha).

I drink close to 8 glasses of water a day. And I’ve never been a huge water drinker.

And you know what? I love it. I like being healthy. I like feeling like the food that I’m eating is nourishing me, and the mood-lift I get from exercising.

But I know my weaknesses.

Biscuits. Chocolate. Eating too much. Baking. Cheesecake. Bread. Pasta. Cheese.

I need to train my body to believe in moderation. Because as much as my brain knows it, I feel like my stomach has completely different ideas. It fails me everytime I get take-out with friends, or bake cookies (I made a batch of Afghan cookies the other day, and I honestly cannot stop eating them…)

But alas. Here’s to having a happy, healthy life!

Lou x

7 thoughts on “healthy = happy

  1. haha this is great – your title grabbed me because my boyfriend always says “Healthy Hayley = Happy Hayley” – I go through bouts of extreme health then very naughty days… and I am a much happier Hayley when I am fueling my body with good foods and he knows it! In fact – I’ve set up a blog recently called Beat The Binge so you’ll have to stop by! It’s fairly new but I hope to spend more time writing there – stay healthy and happy! xx

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    1. Ooh! Now following your blog – looks amazing! Will definitely keep up to date with you on there! Completely agree – I’m much happier when I eat well and stay active (but also when I get to splurge on some cake or chocolate from time to time…) xx

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