on life.



The way I see it, it’s simple.

When you think of the age of the universe, our lives are relatively short. And moments are even shorter. Think of all those little moments where you truly laughed until your belly ached, when you had a spontaneous night out you weren’t expecting, when the perfect song came on at exactly the right time, when you were kissed in the middle of a busy street and time slows (#cheese). Let’s be real though, it’s even the little things. A nice stroll down a pretty street, a deep conversation with your sister or best friend, or a team dinner at your current job. Moments mean something different to everyone.

Those moments exist in our mind, and they are not always going to be physically available. That’s the magic of moments. And that’s the magic of life.

So that’s why I say, keep creating these moments. Make them happen. Don’t dwell on the past, and don’t get caught up in the future.

No matter your age or who you are, I believe life really is too goddamn short to waste your time on people who aren’t going to add anything to your life, or most importantly, the things that don’t make your soul happy.

There will be hard times. That’s life.

But to make yourself go through unnecessary hard times would be a waste of this time you have on Earth; whether it be the people around you who just aren’t worth it, the books you read, the place you live, the way you view the world.

Have that coffee. Book a night in a hotel just because. Take that trip. Read that book.

And for goodness sake, create a happy life for yourself.

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