reads, so far.

This year has been a marvelous year for books. 

It has been a marvelous year for many things, actually!

But I’ll stick to the literary side of things for now; I’m reading a book per week at the moment, and I just want to share my favourites with you. These gems have all been wonderful, eye-opening, life changing, beautiful, intelligently woven stories. I wish I could go back and read them again for the first time.

I probably have quoted various quotes in posts over the past weeks, because they’re that good. I like books that make me think. I like books that are different, teach me something about the way the world is, and how I should look at it. Sometimes, when I love a book so much, when I finish it my heart is beating so fast and I hug it to my chest. #nerdalert

I get so excited about new books!


The Alchemist – Paulo Cohelo

I’ve wanted to read this little gem book my whole life (well, practically my whole life) but only just got around to it. I loved it. It’s a small and compact  tale, a fable about a boy who goes in search of the ultimate treasure. To me, it’s a book about the search for happiness. I learnt a lot – about what happiness truly is, and the journey along the way. It was simple, but the message was very profound. I think anyone can learn something from it.

Night Film – Marisha Pessl

I read this book last year, but it’s stuck with me ever since. I’ve already sent it over to my family in NZ to read! It’s an addictive thriller, which both intrigued and scared me (not gonna lie). It follows Scott McGrath, an investigative journalist, on a journey to discover the truth behind beautiful, young Ashley Cordova’s death. In his investigation, he discovers the eerie and unsettling past regarding Cordova’s director father Stanislas Cordova. It’s intense, and I really could not put it down.

Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

So, this was cute. The book follows Jennifer and Beth, two office co-workers who communicate via email all day about their lives. And all the while, IT security officer Lincoln reads their emails from his desk in the back office. He slowly starts falling in love with one of them through email. The reason why I loved this book so much was mainly because my friend Kate & I used to email each other all throughout our work days, so they reminded me so much of us! Unfortunately, no one fell in love with us through our emails (not that we know of, anyway…). Booooo.

Revolution – Jennifer Donnelly

I love Jennifer Donnelly. The first book I read of hers was A Gathering Light, which I got out from my high school library when I was 16. This book made me a) want to go to Paris, and b) suddenly obsessed with the French Revolution and c) remind me why I love YA fiction so much. It follows young Andi, a bit rough around the edges and going through the usual teen stuff. Her father asks her to go to Paris with him for work, and she reluctantly goes along. Andi comes across an old diary written by a young musician named Alexandrine during the French revolution. Their lives become intertwined and magic happens.

The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt

I LOVE Donna Tartt. She is now my absolute favourite author. I read The Secret History last year and I thought I couldn’t read any book that would ever compare. But then this book came along. I loved this book, so much. It’s huge. But forever worth it. Set primarily in New York, it follows Theo Decker from the age of 13, written almost as like a diary or autobiography. It covers his life after his mother’s death, and how every aspect of his life is affected by that tragic moment. It’s gritty and real, and I just saw a hard copy in the window of a book shop up the road that I need to buy and keep forever.

I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson

If you haven’t read any Jandy Nelson, get some in you now. She is also the author of The Sky Is Everywhere, and her books are a pop of colour in an otherwise mundane bookshelf. She does YA like no one else. This book covers sixteen-year-old twins Jude and Noah, and how their bond was broken after a tragic accident. It’s them learning who they are in this world, and how important they are to each other. Spoiler: if you have a heart, you WILL cry. I was a sobbing mess at the end of this book.

The Illuminations – Andrew O’Hagan

I’ll be honest with you – it took me a while to get into this book. I was about to give up, when all of a sudden it just took my heart. This lyrical novel encapsulates the very thing that interests me in this world – stories. Nothing makes me happier than hearing an older person talk about their lives when they were younger, and what brought them here. The Illuminations was simply this, in book form. It follows Anne Quirk, an elderly woman with Alzheimers, and her grandson Luke who has just returned from the war in Afghanistan. He goes on a journey with Anne to discover the secrets of her past.

The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion

This book was adorable. It was chick-lit at its finest, similar to Bridget Jones’ Diary. I really want it to become a movie!

The Fishermen – Chigozie Obioma

This is up there with The Goldfinch. This book was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, and I can definitely see why. It’s reminiscent of an ancient fable told in modern times. It’s poetic, intense, and upsetting. His writing style blew me away. It’s a tale of four brothers, who while fishing on a river in Nigeria, come across a mad man who tells them a prophecy that the eldest brother will be killed by one of the others. This sets in motion a shocking series of events.



Now currently reading: Far From The Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy.

What are you all reading?!

Lou x

2 thoughts on “reads, so far.

  1. I love this. Thanks for sharing! I ready the Alchemist in high school and hated it because I was a stupid high school kid. I’ve always wanted to read it again so I just might!

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    1. Definitely do it! I’ve found some books I read in high school I didn’t like, and re-reading them now I see them in a whole new light! 🙂 Like I did not like Pride & Prejudice at all haha, and now I adore it. xx

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