girl talk//real talk


“I really want to catch up with him, but apparently people back in NZ say he’s kind of changed. A bit too cool now,” I said.

“Really? No, Jamie, you know what…that’s not always the case. I was told I was like that when I returned to NZ from the UK a couple of years ago. I was talking about my travels, because, why wouldn’t I? It was what I had been up to…and my uncle told me, “Teneille, can you stop? We don’t want to hear it.” Like, you leave, you go on adventures, and everyone back home stays in one place. And that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you’ve become a bad person. It just means you’ve travelled, and you have stories to tell, and you are different because of that,” she replied, sipping her rosé.

And that was that. Perspective.

Here’s to not judging people on their journeys, but for how they treat you instead.

Lou x


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