On Monday evening, I decided to go to Fortnum & Mason’s to buy my boss some fancy pants tea. Darjeeling, dahling (it’s delicious, albeit a million pounds).

Thinking I’d just pop in for a quick tea browse, I ended up staying in there trawling through the various teas, drooling over the tea sets (I’m a sucker for tea cups, saucers and pots!), admiring the chocolates that were almost like art, and smelling the amazing aroma of fresh coffee beans.

And the staircase that leads down to the lavish grocery/bakery/deli/wine bar is like something out of a Disney movie. Or a debutante ball. Either or.


After browsing Fortnum’s, I stopped in at Hatchard’s and fought really hard not to buy all the books (which was really difficult for me!), and wandered in the sunshine to Waterloo station – down past Trafalgar Square, over the Thames and along Southbank.

London has been raining for the majority of June, so when some rare sunshine comes out, you truly do have to make the most of it. This includes wandering wherever your feet take you on idle Monday afternoons.

Lou x


One thought on “strolls

  1. As a fellow book geek and idle stroller, this seems like the perfect afternoon to me! And wow – look at that staircase! Thank you for sharing your idle stroll with us šŸ™‚ xx

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