road trip!

It’s been four days since my parents & aunt and uncle made it to London. 

Long flight; jet-lagged, but bright eyed and laughing. I ran up into my mother’s arms (after my tube was delayed, went to the wrong hotel, and had to take two ubers. But I made it) and we hugged and cried.

It had been nearly a year since I’ve seen them. We drank kiwi cider and caught up on so much, we hardly ate our dinner.

I was telling a friend about stories of our travels; my parents trying to work the trains, meeting up with mum & my aunty to have them say, “Have you seen your father and uncle? No? We haven’t seen them since 3 – want to help me find them?”, being with them for their first tube ride and laughing way too loud amongst the reserved Brits, and my family making conversation with everyone they meet.

He said, “I can see where you get your positivity from now.”

And you know what? So can I. Sometimes I wonder how I can stay so happy, so unmoved, in this world that is constantly throwing curveballs at you. Challenging your outlook. Sometimes it’s almost a bad thing; people wonder if I ever get angry, wonder if I can stand for something.

The fact is, I can. I stand for a lot, actually.

But I was raised by a clan of strong, positive individuals.


I am about to embark on a road trip of the UK with these wonderful people – two weeks, many small towns, hundreds of beers, several fish and chips at the beach, and 100% laughter the whole way.

I am really looking forward to it!

Lou x


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