Happy Wednesday!

Here are some things I’m currently digging:

  • this movie – Julieta – can’t wait to go see it! It looks beautiful, and a really intriguing storyline…
  • these double chocolate Toblerone cookies *drools* Need to get in the kitchen, stat.
  • This Buzzfeed article about why bookstores should smell like chocolate (must there be a reason?)
  • The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry – beautifully written in a style akin to Austen or the Bronte sisters, set in cold and dreary Colchester in the 19th century. The characters will get into your heart, and never leave (which is fine by me!).
  • Gordon’s Wine Bar – some friends and I finally made it there last week and drank pinot grigio, ate tapas and a cheese platter fit for kings. It is London’s oldest wine bar; established in 1890 and now home to many suit & tie post-work drinkers.
  • Summer in London – so many pop up bars (my favourite – the Pimms pop up by the Southbank Centre. I love Southbank and to drink Pimms overlooking the Thames is basically a dream).
  • Cambridge – My friend Yas, who just arrived in London, went to Cambridge on Monday for the bank holiday. I’m kind of obsessed with the university town (I’ve been there 5 times in a year) and we went punting, perved on all the hot punters, drank cider and had burgers by the canal and basked in the history of the place. Amazing.


Hope you all have an amazing week! I’m currently watching the Russian school next door practice their speeches and dances for their return to school assembly. Highly entertaining!

Lou x

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