The Essex Serpent

“My dear, I know you grieve. I admit, I was never sure what it was that first brought you to Michael, who always frightened me just a bit (do you mind my saying so?) but it was something. And the bond is broken, and you are left untethered – and now it seems you are severing all your ties! Cora, you cannot always keep yourself away from things that hurt you. We all wish that we could, but we cannot: to live at all is to be bruised. I don’t know what has come between you and your friends, but I know that none of us was made to be alone. You told me once you forget you are a woman, and I understand it now – you think to be a woman is to be weak – you think ours is a sisterhood of suffering! Perhaps so, but doesn’t it take greater strength to walk a mile in pain than seven miles in none? You are a woman, and must begin to live like one. By which I mean: have courage.”

– The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry


Those who haven’t had the absolute pleasure of reading this wonderful book, go buy/loan it now. It’s absolutely fantastic. Strong female characters, flawless writing and a very interesting story.

Lou x


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