When I was a teenager and I had just learnt to drive, I sometimes would stop on the way home from a movie or dinner out with friends. I’d pull the car over on the side of the country road, a minute from our house, and lay on the bonnet of the car. I’d gaze up at the stars for a few moments, taking deep breaths in.

The stars out there are so vivid – no smog, pollution, usually cloudless in the dead of summer – the heavens sprawled out above me. It would always take my breath away. I’d lay there and think about whatever I needed to. It could be love, or life, homework, my parents. The future, the past. Or maybe even just appreciating the stars. The little pictures they make up, which change with each turn of the head.

I still do it, sometimes, when I return home. I’m still that same 17 year old girl; the same girl who appreciates the little moments, the girl who needs her own space and time to understand the world.

The girl who, if you are lucky, will look at you like you are stars.



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