gloomy sunday.

When I’m down, I like to be out there in the world. Being inside, in my bed, is good because you can cry as often and as much as you like, but sometimes its being outside and present that really gets you out of your funk (at least for a little while).

Yesterday, I had coffee at a new place with a friend, then Mexican at another new place. Then strolls to try and find a flower market (could not find it, but came across some other really beautiful shops and markets in the process).

I came across some people who made me smile. An old man & his poodle, who had a little bow on its head on the Overground, of whom I came across in again Lewisham about an hour later! Small world, which is very uncommon in bustling London.

Then I strolled past a father & his daughter waiting for the bus: the girl, about 12, looked exactly like I did at that age, and looked so happy. I smiled at her and wished her in my mind all the best for the future.

Life is hard, life has its knocks. I get defensive when this happens – sometimes I just run away from that that causes me pain. But sometimes you can’t always run.

Life is full of rain, and sometimes, you just have to face it.


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