about moi.

oh, hi!

welcome to my little corner of the web.

my name is: jamie to most, jimmy lou to some, and little bird to one; a book, history, pop culture and movie fanatic, and a so-much-more fanatic.

i’m a kiwi from Tauranga/Wellington, and i recently moved to London to live, work and travel. i’m currently living in London working as a legal secretary, travelling on my weekends, exploring the book shops, and drinking all the coffee.

i’m a lover of cats, travel, photography, writing, bookshops, coffee, people-watching and diaries & journals. i’m a hater of the loud noises buses make when they stop, heights and the big bang theory. i have 5 sisters. i have two adopted cats. they aren’t mine, so the adoption is unofficial. i am an avid harry potter fan. i could go on forever.

this blog is to capture my thoughts, the things that make my heart happy, my travels (this place called Europe, it’s pretty big, no?) and my writing. i’m an aspiring author hoping to publish both a novel, and a short story collection.

here we go!


if you’re a social media queen (or king!) like me, follow me on:

http://jimmy-lou.tumblr.com/ – tumblr.

https://twitter.com/jamieleecarter – twitter.

https://instagram.com/jamieleecarter/ – instagram.


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