gloomy sunday.

When I’m down, I like to be out there in the world. Being inside, in my bed, is good because you can cry as often and as much as you like, but sometimes its being outside and present that really gets you out of your funk (at least for a little while).

Yesterday, I had coffee at a new place with a friend, then Mexican at another new place. Then strolls to try and find a flower market (could not find it, but came across some other really beautiful shops and markets in the process).

I came across some people who made me smile. An old man & his poodle, who had a little bow on its head on the Overground, of whom I came across in again Lewisham about an hour later! Small world, which is very uncommon in bustling London.

Then I strolled past a father & his daughter waiting for the bus: the girl, about 12, looked exactly like I did at that age, and looked so happy. I smiled at her and wished her in my mind all the best for the future.

Life is hard, life has its knocks. I get defensive when this happens – sometimes I just run away from that that causes me pain. But sometimes you can’t always run.

Life is full of rain, and sometimes, you just have to face it.

the way they met.

“This story is for every woman who may be panicking or feeling pressure because they’re in their late 20’s or 30’s and haven’t found the one. I’m sure you have a lot of friends who are married with kids and you feel like you’re running behind. Well I’m here to tell you NOT TO SETTLE. I was married in my mid-twenties. I definitely settled and knew it. I always tell people if there is even one single ounce of you that is telling you it’s not right, listen to that. That tiny feeling will not go away and will only continue to grow. Can you live with that feeling and pain every single day? You shouldn’t. And you deserve not to. There is someone out there for you even if you don’t find them until later in life. I was 30 by the time my divorce was settled. Shortly after, I was in a new relationship. After 2 months, I moved to Philadelphia for my new boyfriend so he could attend grad school. However, after our 2 year anniversary, I ended things. I realized that he wasn’t the one either and I wasn’t going to walk down the aisle again knowing it didn’t feel 100 percent right. At this point, I was 33 and decided to move to LA for MYSELF. I signed up for an online dating app and went on several dates but none that really excited me. Until I met Reid. We set our first date for drinks and the rest is history. After two weeks, I knew I didn’t want to date anyone else. Now 3.5 years later, we’re married and trying for a baby at 36! I think I realized Reid was the one the first time he did something that upset me. In my two other long-term relationships, there was always a lot of conflict and defensiveness if I brought up something that upset me. So I braced myself for the worse when I told Reid that I felt bothered and un-loved by one of his actions. His response was so understanding, apologetic, and filled with love. He made me feel like I had a true partner. This is something I had NEVER felt before and always longed for. Reid and I never fight! I’ve realized relationships shouldn’t be THAT hard- in fact, they should actually be pretty simple. Your partner is supposed to be the person who you tackle life’s hardships with not the one who creates them.”

I saw this beautiful post today on The Way We Met, a Facebook page sharing how people all over the world met their significant other. I am a huge fan of these kind of pages – I love seeing the many different ways that people come into contact with their love. How they collide in this place we call earth. Some ways are the epitome of fate, others are more ordinary, but nonetheless special.

This one really spoke to me. I’m a huge believer in not doing something just because you believe you have to. Taking time in love. Doing what you love, and what YOU want to do, and letting love and life happen in its wake.

This is a beautiful story, and I couldn’t help but share.

Lou x

sunday song.

Nothing you say
Will ever be wrong
‘Cause it just feels good being in your arms
And I’m running with you
As fast as I can
Singing to myself I wanna hold your hand
And we’re going downtown
‘Cause we feel like running around


When I was a teenager and I had just learnt to drive, I sometimes would stop on the way home from a movie or dinner out with friends. I’d pull the car over on the side of the country road, a minute from our house, and lay on the bonnet of the car. I’d gaze up at the stars for a few moments, taking deep breaths in.

The stars out there are so vivid – no smog, pollution, usually cloudless in the dead of summer – the heavens sprawled out above me. It would always take my breath away. I’d lay there and think about whatever I needed to. It could be love, or life, homework, my parents. The future, the past. Or maybe even just appreciating the stars. The little pictures they make up, which change with each turn of the head.

I still do it, sometimes, when I return home. I’m still that same 17 year old girl; the same girl who appreciates the little moments, the girl who needs her own space and time to understand the world.

The girl who, if you are lucky, will look at you like you are stars.



all the little people in this big
we are full

we all have
big dreams
big hopes
big secrets

at the frayed edges of us

so please

love your big dreams
your big hopes
your big secrets

for that means you love
all of you

and please
for those you

love their big dreams
their big hopes
their big secrets
should they tell you

feel honoured
for secrets are hard work
both keeping

and telling.


President Trump, 2016.

“We are in a new era. And now is the time for us to be strong. Now is the time for us all to come together. It doesn’t matter where we were born, or who we were born as. It doesn’t matter who we choose to love or if we have children. It doesn’t matter, any more, about being a nice girl. We have rights to gain and rights to protect. There’s stuff to be done, all across the world. It’s time to get in formation. It’s time to get nasty.”

Emerald Street, newsletter 


I am in awe, and I think the rest of the world can agree.

I did not think we would get to this point – but here we are, and all we can do is be strong, stand together, and rise above the ideals of this man who somehow was elected as president.

Lou x

The Essex Serpent

“My dear, I know you grieve. I admit, I was never sure what it was that first brought you to Michael, who always frightened me just a bit (do you mind my saying so?) but it was something. And the bond is broken, and you are left untethered – and now it seems you are severing all your ties! Cora, you cannot always keep yourself away from things that hurt you. We all wish that we could, but we cannot: to live at all is to be bruised. I don’t know what has come between you and your friends, but I know that none of us was made to be alone. You told me once you forget you are a woman, and I understand it now – you think to be a woman is to be weak – you think ours is a sisterhood of suffering! Perhaps so, but doesn’t it take greater strength to walk a mile in pain than seven miles in none? You are a woman, and must begin to live like one. By which I mean: have courage.”

– The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry


Those who haven’t had the absolute pleasure of reading this wonderful book, go buy/loan it now. It’s absolutely fantastic. Strong female characters, flawless writing and a very interesting story.

Lou x